IT Support for small business in London


Companies who provide IT solutions such as Premier IT Solution cater in most part to smaller companies, this is why it is important they advertise and make somewhat of a fuss of these small companies. The problem is they could also cater to a larger company and additionally offer individual support services as well as on-going tech support contract. IT Support for small businesses in London in particular is particularly useful due to the build up on infrastructure and the ever increasing reliance upon technology in the work place.

A company that does not rely upon technology is rare

A company these days who does not rely upon their computer infrastructure and in most part, the internet, is rare. This means that there is a plethora of opportunities for such a support company to do well, assuming that their potential customers can find them in the first place.

this is why it is not only important to get the name of your brand out there and amongst your target audience as much as possible but also that once they find you they know 100% that you can help them.

Service Level Agreements

Remember, not all companies looking for IT support will be actually looking for somebody to enact a repair there and then, instead it could be that they are looking for an IT company to set up a Service Level Agreement (SLA) IN CASE things go wrong.

This makes sense from a continuity perspective but it is also a good way to create a business expense and save on corporation tax.

If you were to own such a company (particularly if you based in London) then you could be forgiven for not planning ahead and only get in touch with a business offering IT support in London such as Premier once things have gone seriously wrong.

Saving tax with IT support contracts

But speaking as an advisor to business owners you should be planning for all eventualities before they happen, you should also be moving with the time because your customers certainly do and they are quite unforgiving if you cannot deliver due to technical mishaps. Sure, they do happen but once again the question would arise “why didn’t you see this coming?”

Plan for the worst, but hope for the best and be prepared for all eventualities. This is a good motto to live by and should be a strong feature in your business plan.


So to sum up, the world relies upon technology for the most part. Companies of all sizes will at some point have dealings with an IT support of some description. This is an opportunity to save yourself some tax because an SLA and IT support contract is a valid company expense. Not only does it make good sense to have one in place in case things go wrong but it also makes good business sense from a financial and continuity point of view.

Best of luck!