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Rule Number 1 – Clean Carpets

Selling is often based in perception of value rather than actual value and the first impression is very important whether this is of you and your company or the property you are trying to sell.

Once the potential buyer walks into the house they begin to visualize the house and themselves living in it. If you have grotty walls and a dirty carpet this stops them being able to imagine how great the house could be simply because they can’t get past the work required to achieve even a basic level of cleanliness. A dirty carpet signals germs and our internal wiring is geared toward getting rid of anything that is deemed harmful.

In short – clean your carpets or buy new ones. Use nice neutral tones throughout the house both on the walls and on the floor. Beige or terracta works well as does cream or magnolia.

A clean carpet really can make the difference between selling and not selling a property. Here in the UK or the USA it’s no different, our Estate Agent market will tell the US Realtor market and vice versa the same information – the first impression lasts and a well put together home consisting of neutral colors / colours is the first step to achieve this. Followed by well maintained guttering, garden and general exterior to the house.

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