New Build Shout Out

For those people who followed our recent project on Facebook wed just like to give a huge thanks to the brilliant Wirral Builders who did a fantastic job on the finish.

Weve used this firm before when the orangery was  built (remember that!) and it was once again a huge success and now there is plenty more space.

Its not that specifically it was space we were after it was just the project that we loved as with all of the architectural projects in the Wirral area builders seem to be dragging us in on these day.

So 1Realtors will be on the road again soon and well be heading to a town near you. If you fancy getting in on the action then you can subscribe to our Facebook page and get regular updates about where about in the country well be heading.

It could be a building site near you or a local estate agent but whatever or wherever there will sure to be fun n giggles and plenty of beer.

Good old Jonny is getting his drinking hat out again which means theres going to be plenty going on in the town and no doubt well be giving Cobra Castles bouncy castles (Liverpool) a shout again as they really have some great inflatables that even adults can have a laugh on!

Anyway if you cant wait to come and see how 1Realtors can help you and your project (well be filming for the TV channel Dave hopefully at some point later on in the year too so keep an eye for the news on that happening).

Got someone that is a disaster at DIY? A project that just wont come right, no money or time?

We can put things right for you and well document it as we go.